.GUY SPY and the Crystals of Armageddon

Cracked! by Rawcopy. These DEBUG bytes were changed:

78BF: 3B 06 A7 37 74 06 -> A3 A7 37 EB 07 90


The master criminal Von Max is set to take over the world.  It is your job,
Guy Spy, to stop him and save the planet from Von Max's evil plans.

This program has movie scenes interspersed with interactive action.  In these
arenas, you will see a small picture of yourself.  As you are hurt, the small
picture will slowly disappear, until you die.  You get infinite lives in this
game, believe me, you need them all !!


To start: GUYSPY.EXE
To quit: When you are fighting someone, press Esc.

Keys: Not really sure.  In the shootout in the train station, your aim point
is moved by the arrow keys but the shoot key is not known.  In close-up
fighting, the arrow keys control your fighting.  In the arrow shoot, the
space bar shoots arrows.   There seems little consistency between scenes.
It would be nice to have the manual.

Protection codes: When the game starts, it asks you three questions.

The first is what kind of video card you have (choose VGA).

The second is what sound you want (choose none - due to a bug the sound keeps
coming out when you Escape - run HELP to stop sound).

The third is the protection code. If you have applied the above crack,
press enter when asked for the code. Otherwise, read the rest of this
paragraph. The code consists of 5 digits chosen from a list containing
100 rows and 10 columns.  You must enter the exact code from the list
(see below).  Sometimes the game calls for a code which, according
to the chart, is blank.  Unfortunately, your only choice is to press
enter and start again.  Also, the code at cell 67E is incorrect.
Protection Codes

Cheating: To cheat follow exactly what is written next.  Start the game as
normal, answering the 3 questions explained above.  When the picture of Guy
Spy appears, press Space.  Wait until Guy walks down the stairs onto the
platform. As the train passes by, type in GETVONMAXGUY, then before you get
killed, press F1.  This will tell the game that you successfully passed that
stage, and will take you to the next.  When you get sick of being killed,
press F1 again to go to the next stage.  You can keep doing this until you
win.   Here is a list of scenes you will travel through:

1.      Gunfight on train station.
2.      Gunfight in cable cars in the snow.
3.      Fistfight with huge female in log cabin.
4.      Off to Egypt! Inside a pyramid into the maze.
5.      Fistfight with the long-dead Mummy.
6.      Inside the maze again.
7.      Fight the magician (how?)
8.      Inside the maze again.
9.      Swordfight with purple-robed men.
10.     Off to Peru! Von Max's henchman has abducted a female agent.
        Fistfight with the henchman.
11.     Polefight with natives on log bridge.
12.     Arrow fight with natives in the jungle.
13.     You have found Von Max's power center. Avoid the laser rays.
14.     Fistfight with Von Max.
15.     You have rescued the female agent, Von Max's power station blows up
        and he is dead. YOU HAVE WON !!!