Changes to INSTALL.EXE to allow install from anywhere, and fix a few
unfortunate bugs. Firstly UNP INSTALL.EXE, then change these DEBUG bytes:

C45: 75 -> 74
11D9: 28 -> 42
1283: 28 -> 42
15DA: E4 -> E5
15EB: 5E -> 5D
7D95: 43 68 61 6E 67 65 -> 41 63 63 65 70 74


Cracked! This game required the original Disk 2. I have removed this necessity.

Method for RE.EXE:

     1. COPY RE.EXE RE.OLD (Your backup - just in case)
     2. COPY RE.EXE R
     3. UNP R
     4. DEBUG R
     5. Change 14C0: CD 13 73 -> 90 90 EB and 152D: 74 -> EB
     6. COPY R RE.EXE
     7. If it works, DEL R

Method for RC.EXE:

     1. COPY RC.EXE RC.OLD (Your backup - just in case)
     2. COPY RC.EXE R
     3. DEBUG R
     4. Change 017F: CD 13 73 -> 90 90 EB
     5. COPY R RC.EXE
     6. If it works, DEL R

Method for RT.EXE:   (UNTESTED)

     1. COPY RT.EXE RT.OLD (Your backup - just in case)
     2. COPY RT.EXE R
     3. DEBUG R
     4. Change 01A0: CD 13 73 -> 90 90 EB
     5. COPY R RT.EXE
     6. If it works, DEL R

Select Video Mode:

     CGA:      RC
     Hercules: RC H
     EGA:      RE
     VGA:      RE V
     Tandy:    RT

To install:

     1. See note about INSTALL.EXE above
     2. Assuming you've modified it, change to the directory containing INSTALL.EXE
     4. Choose a path to install to. When it asks for a disk change, press Space.
     4. When done, change to the directory that you chose above
     5. PKUNZIP (install-path)\CRACK  (answer Y to over-write)
     6: RUGBY            (choose VGA)

     OPTIONS.COM is a small utility that waits for any of 1,2,3,4 to be pressed
     and return that key as the ERRORLEVEL. Used by RUGBY.BAT


Original README.TXT:

               Et's Rugby League PC

               Published by Ozi Soft Pty Ltd.

               (c) 1992 Audiogenic Software Ltd.


This disk holds three files. Namely;

i)   README.TXT                ii)  FILES.PIZ                iii) INSTALL.EXE

README.TXT:       This is it. A brief guide to installing Rugby League onto
                  either floppy or hard disk(s), it also includes details on
                  key functions.

FILES.PIZ:        This contains compressed code and data required to run
FILES2.PIZ:       Rugby League under a variety of graphic modes. VGA, EGA,
                  CGA, Tandy or Hercules.

INSTALL.EXE:      This is a user friendly, menu driven program, that
                  selectively decompacts FILES.PIZ to produce all the
                  data and files needed for your choice of graphic mode.
                  You may install Rugby League onto your hard drive, or
                  onto a formatted floppy disk.
                  NB if your selected target disk is formatted for 360k then
                  two disks will be needed

       To run the program type INSTALL  and follow the prompts

       You should now have an executable version of Rugby League.

       From the dos prompt log on to the drive you are using
       and type Rugby


       When in menus

       Up                  -        Up
       Down                -        Down
       Left                -        Left
       Right               -        Right
       Fire                -        Insert or Space
       Ctrl Esc            -        Exit game to DOS from main menu

       Default Player 1 Keys

       Up                  -        Q
       Down                -        A
       Left                -        I
       Right               -        O
       Fire                -        Space

       Default Player 2 Keys

       Up                  -        Up
       Down                -        Down
       Left                -        Left
       Right               -        Right
       Fire                -        Insert

       In-game function keys

       Show Replay         -        F10
       Save Replay         -        F9
       Pause               -        Scroll lock
       Abandon Match       -        Ctrl Esc
       Radar Move          -        R
       Blimp Toggle        -        B
       Change View         -        V
       Sub Team 1          -        1
       Sub Team 2          -        2
       Autoruck Team 1     -        F1
       Autoruck Team 2     -        F2

       Replay function keys

       Video mode on/off   -        Fire
       Forward             -        Right
       Rewind              -        Left
       Slow motion toggle  -        F8
       Blimp toggle        -        B
       Change View         -        V
Instruction Manual