Heretic Cheat codes

Items - Enter GIMMExy  where x = A-J (see below), and y = 1-9 (number of items to get)
A. Gold Ring of Invincibilty
B. Green Mask of Invisibilty
C. Bottle of Healing
D.  -bad input-
E. Tome of Power (double shot power)
F. Torchlight (2 minutes)
G. Hour glass bomb (2 second fuse)
H. Eggs (Morph Ovum) Change enemy to chickens
I. Skull with Wings (Flight for 1 minute)
J.  -bad input-

The maximum number of each item is 16.

RAMBO                      all weapons
IDKFA                      no weapons

IDDQD                      instant death
QUICKEN                    god mode (eyes on skulls light)
PONCE                      renewed health
SHAZAM                     double shot power
MASSACRE                   kills everything on the level instantly

KITTY                      walk through walls; toggles
SKEL (could be RAVSKEL)    all keys
TICKER                     FPS display
COCKADOODLEDOO             turns you into a chicken - great for small places
ENGAGExx                   warp (episode/level)   eg for shareware version 11 to 19 will work
                           ENGAGE41 will take you to a deathmatch-only level.
[Tab], RAVMAP              3 map mode


[ ]                        Shows grabbed items, tabs between them
[Enter], [Enter]           Selects, initiates item to right screen area
F1 once                    Information screen for registration
F1 twice                   Help screen with lots of info
F1 thrice                  Movement information
F1 four times              Id Software credits
(Orange lighted chain      Graphic representation of health
near skull)                  farther to the right, more health
Blue arrow                 More grabbed items to left, right
                           choose with [ or ]
< >                        Move sideways left, right
[Home], [End]              Looks straight ahead
[Del]                      Looks down
[Page Dn]                  Looks up
[Insert]                   Fly down
[Page Up]                  Fly up

List of secret areas.

Secret Levels
Game 1: The Cathedral

While in the yellow area, go up the stairs to the green area. Keep to the right
and make your way to the platform that overlooks the yellow area. Operate the
switch, and then jump off. Now go back up the stairs again, go back toward the
platform, and this time you will notice an extra passage on the left that wasn't
there before.

Game 2: The Ice Grotto

After you have defeated everything in the blue area, use the teleport to go
back to the yellow area. The door at the back will now be open.

Game 3: The Azure Fortress

When you enter the green area, go ahead past the cages, then veer to the left.
Follow this passage to the end, at the yellow staff. Now start going back, and
on the right will be a passage that wasn't there before. Go in, and operate the
switch at the end, then go back to the yellow staff. A new passage will be behind
the staff.

Last update: 2018-04-24