Copy the contents of both floppies onto the hard drive.

INSTALL to set up video and sound

SIERRA or SCIV to start

Nontoonyt Tonite booklet that comes with the game

Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals

Press Ctrl-Alt-X to skip the questions.

Look around. Look at the plaque. Exit. Go to the binoculars on the lefthand side. Use them.
Watch until you a message about wiping sweat. Leave the scene, you are in the woods.
Go west where the finger points towards Larry's home (just above the exit to the TV set park).
Walk west and watch Larry lose Kalalau (his wife) to another. When your now ex is done talking
look around then leave. Walk east 2 screens to Larry's secret spot. When the phone booth
sequence finishes return west the way you came. There is a small tree in the right-centre of
the picture. Look around. Look at the tree. Take the wood that is now on the ground. Go west
to Larry's house. Go the mailbox in the wall. Open mailbox. Look in mailbox. Take the
envelope (you now have a credit card). Return east to the secret spot (where the phone booth
was). Go to the south-east corner and exit south or east. You are in front of the casino. Go
to the southwest corner (follow the finger). You are at Natives Inc. Walk in the door. Watch
while you get the sack.
Return to the Casino. Look around. Exit this screen south of the fountain. You are at the
beach. Look around. Wait and watch Tawni buy souvenirs. When she's finished, walk up to her,
look at her, look again, talk to her until you repeat yourself. Give her the credit card.
Have some fun with her and watch her buy the knife. After the crab sequence leave the beach.
You are front of the casino. Walk to the steps. Look at them. Sharpen your knife on them.
Walk west to the secret spot. Find the path between the big tree and the bushes that goes west
and walk on it. You are in front of Chip 'n' Dale's. Go to the patch of grass in the centre.
Cut some grass. Weave a grass skirt. Carve the wood with the knife. Return to the casino.
Go east behind the steps, to the Cabana. Look around. Walk into the stall on the left. Wear
the grass skirt. Go to the beach. Larry is now the souvenir vendor. Wait until you are $20
richer. Return to the stall and wear your leisure suit. Leave the stall and go to the sink on
the left side. Look at the sink. Take the soap-on-a-rope. Drink. Go to the beach. Go to
Tawni's towel. Take the towel. Save the game. Sunbathe. When you see the message about your
tan looking "mah-velous" STAND UP AT ONCE. Go to the casino.
Walk up the steps and enter the casino. Look around. The hotel lobby and elevator is to your
right. Don't go there, just remember where it is. Continue walking straight up the ramp until
you are at the big painting. Lokk at it. Go left to the next screen. Look around. Look in the
mirror. Continue west to the casino showroom lobby. Look around. Look at the posters. Walk up
to the maitre d'. Look at the man. Talk to the man. Give your pass to the maitre d'.
Tip the maitre d' and enjoy the show. When it's over, you are in the lobby. Cherri will
appear before you can leave. Go to her. Look at her. Talk to her close-up until she mentions
that she is looking for land. Offer your land to her. She'll make an offer you can't refuse.
Leave the casino and go to the secret spot. From the centre of this screen, walk northeast
from the path to Chip 'n' Dale's. You want to exit at the northeast corner of the screen.
You are outside the law office of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe. Look around. Walk in the door. Look
around. Go to the front desk. Look at the man. Talk to Roger. Keep trying; he often won't
talk unless he's just looking down and not talking or doing anything else. Ask Roger about
your deed, and you will meet Suzi. After she asks you to sit, look around. Sit. Look at her.
Talk to her. Ask Suzi about your land. When she's done, stand and leave the office. Walk
outside. Return at once. Ask Roger for the deed - be persistent. Leave and go to the casino
showroom lobby. Go to the stage door. Look at the door. Knock; you'll give the deed to Cherri,
and she'll try to reward you backstage. When you get the message asking what you're about to
do, DANCE. Then you're in the lobby. Return to the law office ask Roger about divorce, pay him
and you are admitted to Suzi's inner sanctum. After the fun, leave the building then return.
Ask Roger about the divorce. Leave again. Look at the divorce and find Suzi's Fat City card.
Look at the card. Read the divorce. Go to the casino lobby. Open the stage door. Backstage,
that lump is polyester. Wear your leisure suit. Leave the casino. Go to the secret spot.
Continue straight west on the path Larry is walking, and exit at the southwest edge of the
screen. You are now outside Fat City. Look around. Go inside. Look around. Walk to the door on
the left. Look at it. Use the keycard. Inside, look around. Look at the card again. Turn the
card over. There's Suzi's locker number. Write down the 3 businesses listed on the back, in
the order they are listed. Find their ads in Nontoonyt Tonite, and write down those page
numbers in the same order. This is the combination to Suzi's locker: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Follow the maze to its end at the upper-left-centre of the screen. If you type 'find locker
69' as you near there you will get hot/cold messages. In the last corner stand so the vertical
line at the corner is clearly visible to the left of Larry's bod. 'open locker'. Enter the
combination. If it doesn't work move a little bit and try again. Look in the locker. Wear
Suzi's swimsuit. Close the locker. Walk to the door at upper right and go into the exercise
room. Look around. Go to the top side of the closest machine. 'exercise'. Use the cursor up/
down keys to exercise, until you get a message about number of reps or amount of weight.
Make sure the numbers are changing. Stand up. Go to other side of machine. Exercise until
message. Stand up. Move to front of the first machine. Exercise (different exercise). Stand
up and admire the pulsating pectorals. After Larry deflates, go to Suzi's locker. Open it.
Undress. Close the locker. Go to the door next to the weight room and enter. You are in the
shower. Go to top-centre of screen. Turn on the water. Walk to the centre of the screen. You
are under the shower-head. Use the soap. When it's all gone, rinse. Go back and turn off the
water. Exit the shower. Go to the locker. Open it. Dry off. Use the deodorant. Wear your
leisure suit. Close the locker. Walk to the door at the top of the screen. Look at it. Use the
keycard and you will go through the door. Look at the Bambi. Talk to her until she says how
grateful she could be. 'help bambi with her video'. You will watch a demo, then follow her to
the tanning booth, then go to Fat City's lobby. Go to where Larry cut the grass ages ago.
There is a cave in the rock wall next to the grass. Enter the cave, look around. Move over to
the flowers on either side of the cave - the ones you didn't see when you typed 'look'. Pick
the flowers. Make a lei. Return to the casino.  Go inside. Walk up to the big painting. Turn
right and walk until you enter the piano bar and lounge. Look around - yes that's Patti. (If
Elvis isn't there walk out of the bar and return at once until he appears. You can talk to him
and offer to help him. Sometimes you might also see Roger Wilco from Space Quest) - all this
is optional). Sit down, look at Patti, talk to her until she repeats herself. Ask her for a
date. Show her your divorce bill. Ask her for a date. Give her the lei. Ask her for a date.
She'll give you the key to her apartment and leave. You now stand up & leave. Walk to the Chip
'n' Dale's screen. Go another screen east. You are now in front of the Comedy hut. Look around
and go to the empty table in the middle of the screen and sit down. Look at the table, take
the bottle. Sit through the entire comedy routine of Paul Paul. You can hiss boo or heckle if
you like. After the duck imitation, he leaves the stage. Stand up. Look for the bald, bearded
man at the table near the door. Look at him. Talk to him. Type anything, and go to the casino.
Enter and go east to the lobby. Look around. Stand between elevators and press the button. Get
into the elevator. Look at the panel. Press 'nine' or 'penthouse'. When you arrive, look
around. Walk to the bed. Pour wine. Watch them fall in love etc. Eventually Patti will be by
herself and see Larry disappear into the bamboo maze. YOU ARE NOW PATTI.
Stand behind the screen at the lower left side. Look at dressing screen. Wear panties, bra,
pantyhose, dress. Go to the table by the bed and take the wine bottle. Go to elevator, press
'lobby'. Go to the piano bar. Walk to where Larry had been sitting. Look at piano. Take the
tips, count them. Stop at the rectangular sign. Look at it. Take the marker. Leave casino and
walk around back to the cabanas. Go to the sink & fill the bottle. Go to Chip 'n' Dale's. Look
at the man (maitre d') standing outside. Talk to him, pay him, Enter the male strip joint.
Look around. Go to the table with 2 empty seats and sit down. Dale will soon dance. SAVE THE
GAME. When his shirt lands on your table, throw your panties at him - IMMEDIATELY. When Dale
finishes, he will come to your table. Look at him, talk to him, ask him about Larry. 'exit'.
Stand up, leave. Walk east to Comedy hut. Exit the screen up the path in the NE corner. Look
around. Walk up to BUT NOT INTO the bamboo thicket. SAVE THE GAME. From outside the maze, go
north to the bamboo then west into it. Follow the path carefully, and exit to the north.
On the 2nd screen, follow these directions exactly: NEEN WNEN NNWW SWWN NWN . When Patti gets
'delirious', drink the water. As soon as you get to the river, SAVE THE GAME. Look around. Go
to the edge of the river and drink. Don't step in the water. Exit to the north. Look around.
Go to the rock at the right-centre of the screen (not the rock arch). Look at the rock.
Remove your pantyhose. Tie it to the rock. When you're back on your feet, look around. You are
on a ledge with some strange plants. Go to the coconut tree on your right. Climb the tree.
Look at the leaves. Pick the plants - it is marijuana. 'Make rope'. Go back to the coconut
tree. Throw rope. After it catches the rock, tie it to the tree. Rip your dress.
'cross chasm'. Ignore the message asking if you've forgotten anything.  Exit this screen at
the NW corner and stop AT ONCE. SAVE THE GAME. Look around. Walk to the river slowly. AS SOON
AS THE FERAL PIG APPEARS, 'remove bra', put the coconuts in the bra, and throw it at the pig.
DO IT AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.  Walk into the edge of the river, go the log to Patti's left.
Move the log. When you get into the current, ride the log. SAVE THE GAME.
The object is to steer the log around the obstacles. You control the small picture. Change
the speed to the slowest. Use the down arrow so all you see of Patti is her head. Keep her
in the middle of the screen where possible. Save the game after every few obstacles using
alternate save names. After this is done, you will be captured and taken to Larry and he will
talk to you. When he tells you about being cooked, use the magic marker.
You will be under the set of PQ4. Look around. Go into studio C in the NE corner. Look around
a bit, then exit east. You are floating in a set of SQ. Look around. Using your arrow keys,
get Patti to the anti-gravity generator. When she is next to it (or in front), and upside
down, pull the plug. Now exit to the east, and arrive on the KQ4 set. End of game.