v1.02 1993
V1.0  1993    V2.1  1993

If you have some EMS memory, then you get more sounds from the soundblaster.
You will hear a witch laughing while the Apogee logo is showing.
It may be necessary to delete CONFIG.MB1 before it will work.

Version 1.0 is BASH.EXE
Version 1.02 is BASH1.EXE

BASH.EXE will have to be renamed to BASH1.EXE if you want to play it.

If your registered version complains of FILE_ID.DIZ missing, here it is (save target as FILE_ID.DIZ).

Official Apogee Cheat
In the registered version only, hold down [Z] and hit F10,
then let them both go. This will give you five lives.


This game has a jukebox, an "Infinite Men" cheat, and an ability to warp, but I haven't
been able to activate any of these.  (See at the bottom for newly-discovered cheats)

The Jukebox has a choice of 3 tunes:
1. Rock-N-Roll
2. I'm ready! (Maybe)
3. Girly Man!

The warp facility lets you go to levels 1-10.


Arrows          Move left and right
Up arrow        While crawling, stand up
Up arrow        While standing, aim slingshot
Down arrow      Crawl
Q,H,F1-F9       Option Menu
Ctrl            Jump
Alt             Fire slingshot
Enter,Spacebar  Status screen
F10             Hints & Tricks screen
PgUp,PgDn       See what's above and below

Undocumented feature in the menus: Bring up the Game Settings, and press H. Lets you
turn Auto-Hint on/off.

The 'Nearest Pet' feature is almost useless.

Shoot the baskets until you crack them open for points.

On the first level, in the graveyard, you find the programmers' initials,
FM and GB on headstones.  On the first level, you will find the secret room
by dropping down the last shaft (just before the flag). You will find an
extra life and other goodies. Continue left until you appear to be stuck in
the wall. Start jumping and you will climb upwards and emerge next to the
3 spears.   *** SOMETIMES YOU CAN'T GET OUT ***


This file increases the number of lives you have in a saved game. You can
run it multiple times to get over the 100 life barrier. It is NOT
recommended that you give yourself more than 6 lives or so because the
extra graphics produced to show the number of lives covers part of the
status screen (when you press space during the game). If you dont know what
I mean try it to see. It wont hurt anything.


This file is a TSR, run it again to remove it.  It will give you either
infinite ammo or infinite lives in V2.1 version of Monster Bash.  Load
it, select what you want (infinite lives is default), then press Esc.
Now run Monster Bash, and you will never run out of lives.  After you
quit playing, run BASH1TRN again to remove it from memory.


This program actually appends itself to the executable permanently,
and gives extra cheat keys.  To use it, run MB21TRN, it will examine
the EXE and if successful you will get this message:

Updating  BASH1.EXE  Verifying Update -> OK!

The changes are now permanently incorporated into the game.

Trainer Module Functions:

(Press and hold the letter key first, then the F10 key. Release the F10 key
first, then the letter key.)

Key Combination              Function

I  F10                       Invincibility (God Mode)

W  F10                       Warp

J  F10                       Jump*

O  F10                       Ammo Options Select**

M  F10                       Memory Status

L  F10                       Extra Life !
                             (maximum of 5 at any one time)

*After the jump function has been activated, jump once and then jump again
 before you land. Then you can 'fly' using the jump key. If you land before
 you jump again, you will not 'fly'. On level three, the jump function works
 using the broom!

**Note: The ammo options select function operates as follows:

        Ammo select rotates in this order:

        a. One stone
        b. Three stones
        c. Fire Ball
        d. Large Rock
        e. One stone w/ guided missiles

On Level 1, only 'a' and 'b' above are valid ammo. On some levels, the
guided missiles will not work. In such cases, just change to a different
ammo option.