The VZ200 / 300 were sold by Dick Smith Electronics in the 1980s. Here are some manuals scanned from my originals, or found on the net. All of my documents have been converted to PDF by ChickenMan.

Name of Document
  VZ200 Warranty Card
  VZ200 User's Manual
  VZ200 Basic Applications
  VZ200 Review
  VZ300 Main Unit Manual
  VZ200 Technical Manual
  VZ300 Technical Manual
  Editor / Assembler Manual
  Word Processor Manual
  Assembler Programming Manual
  Giant Book of Games
  16k RAM Module
  Printer Interface
  Floppy Drive
  Floppy Drive Controller
  VZ300 DOS Manual
  Chip-8 Interpreter
  Chip-8 Editor
  VZ300 Review
  Scans of 6 tapes and inserts
  RTTY-interface construction manual

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