Here are various narrations of disasters and incidents scanned from my originals. All documents have been converted to searchable PDF by ChickenMan.

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2012-07-05   1857: The ship Dunbar crashed into rocks at Sydney Heads. Only one person survived.
2012-07-05   1878: Two goods trains collide head-on at Lapstone. Both train crews are killed.
2012-07-08   1887: Explosion at Bulli mine.
2012-07-05   1887: Train runs out of control down the Cowan Bank and crashes at Brooklyn station.
2012-07-05   1893: Two huge floods in a week destroy most of Brisbane.
2012-07-05   1899: Two cyclones collide right above the North Queensland pearling fleet. 305 lives are lost.
2012-07-05   1901: Train derails just past Sydenham station.
2012-07-05   1901: In Sydney CDB, 5 huge buildings that make up the Anthony Horderns shopping district burn to the ground.
2012-07-08   1902: Explosion at Mount Kembla mine.
2012-07-08   1908: 44 lives are lost when 2 trains collide at Sunshine station.
2012-07-05   1910: Two trains crash during thick fog at Richmond station.
2012-07-05   1910: Locomotive is left hanging over a 1000-foot cliff at the ZigZag.
2012-07-08   1921: Explosion at Mount Mulligan mine.
2018-03-26   1931: The Southern Cloud - Australia's first commercial airline crash.
2012-07-05   1938: In Sydney Harbour, the ferry Rodney capsizes during a farewell to American sailors.
2012-07-05   1939: Bushfires ravage Victoria from end to end.
2016-01-23   1944: Level crossing accident at Brooklyn.
2012-07-05   1945: Train derails at Merrylands. Vandals had placed a large bolt on the track.
2012-07-05   1951: Rear-end collision at Eagle Farm station.
2012-07-05   1959: The North-West mail crashes into a goods train at Lochinvar.
2012-07-05   1968: A helicopter crashes on an oil rig in Bass Strait.
2012-07-08   1969: The Sydney to Melbourne Southern Aurora express train crashes head-on into a goods train at Violet Town.
2012-07-08   1970: The Westgate Bridge in Melbourne collapses during construction.
2012-07-08   1975: A ship collides with Hobart's main bridge, causing the bridge to collapse and sink the ship.
2012-07-08   1977: Australia's worst train crash, at Granville.
2012-07-05   1987: Two trains hit a car which had been pushed onto the tracks at Jannali.
2012-07-05   1994: Waterfall station is damaged after two trains collide.
2012-07-05   1998: Coal train comes to grief at Two Mile Creek after running into a flood.
2012-07-05   1999: Spectacular freight train derailment at Douglas Park.
2012-07-05   1999: Intercity electric train crashes into the rear of the Indian Pacific near Glenbrook.
2012-07-05   The engine of the Indian Pacific gets trapped at Platform 1, Sydney Station.
2012-07-05   The Welcome Level Crossing at Parkes where whoever causes the accident dies.
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2012-07-05   1930: The R101 disaster. A badly-designed British airship crashes in France on its maiden voyage.
2012-07-05   1931: An earthquake devastates Napier, New Zealand.
2012-07-05   1942: 491 killed in the Cocoanut Grove nightclub, Boston.
2012-07-05   1945: A small plane crashes into the Empire State building in New York.
2012-07-05   1952: Collision of 3 trains at Harrow & Wealdstone station in London takes 112 lives.
2012-07-05   1952: Intense smog in London kills 4000.
2012-07-05   1953: Huge storms put much of England's east coast into the channel.
2012-07-08   1953: New Zealand's worst train accident was caused by a volcano.
2012-07-05   1963: In Italy, whole villages are wiped out when a landslide causes the Vaiont Dam to overflow.
2012-07-08   1968: The incompetence of rescue services causes the loss of 51 lives when the Wahine runs aground in Wellington harbour.
2012-07-05   1977: The world's worst air disaster occurs on the runway at Tenerife, when two jumbo jets collide.
2012-07-05   1985: 43 are killed when 2 trains collide at Argent-sur-creuse, France.
2012-07-05   1997: 6 killed when an express train hits a freight train at Southall, London.
2012-07-05   2001: Two trains collide at high speed after one of them runs into a car at Great Heck near Selby.
2012-07-05   Natural disasters at Krakatoa and Belize.

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