Tiger Game.com emulators

There are 2 emulators of the Tiger Game.com .

They are MAME, and the unnamed development emulator.

In MAME, all the games work. There's a slight bug at the start of Indy 500, but it has no effect on gameplay. You can get it at https://messui.1emulation.com/ or https://mamedev.org/release.html.

The unnamed emulator runs all games except for Jeopardy. The download and instruction are below.

 Game.Com emulator

How to Use

1. Extract all the files to the same folder as your game.com games.

2. Make sure the games have the .bin extension.

3. Open the emulator.

4. The next few operations occur in the Disassembler, so choose that window.

4a. Click on File, Load BIN File, select your game.

4b. You get another window called Input. It is asking for an offset address.
    Most roms use the default of 0, here are the offsets for the others:
    - 32KB version of Lights Out : enter 80000
    - 256KB version of Centipede, Web Link, Internet : enter 40000
    - 512KB version of Wheel of Fortune 1 & 2 : enter 80000
    - 1792KB roms : enter 40000
    - 1024KB version of Indy 500, Williams Arcade Classics, Quiz Wiz, Henry : enter 100000
    - 1024KB version of Jeopardy : enter 100000 (but the game doesn't work)

4c. Click on File, Load Kernel. Select the Full Kernel.

4d. Click the Run button.

5. In the main window, the Tiger Game.com will start up.

6. Wait for it to finish booting, then Click on the CARTRIDGE icon.

7. If you get a picture of 2 cartridges, click the left-hand one.

8. The game starts.

9. In-game keys: cursor keys to move about. AZSX = game.com's ABCD buttons.
   Use the mouse for all touch-screen activities.

- The sound runs slow and crackles
- If you choose a window larger than 2x2, the screen can get corrupted.

If you want to use the debugging features, look at the README.TXT file.

Cheats for game.com games:

Manuals for game.com games:


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