Here are various manuals scanned from my paper archive. Most documents have been converted to searchable PDF by ChickenMan. Also included are various random files.

Last Updated  Computer Accessories
2015-07-24   Manual and Schematic for TRS-80 Color Mouse (26-3025)
2012-07-16   Schematic of Dick Smith Green-screen monitor (converted TV)
2015-12-22   Manual for Genius Netscroll+ Mouse
2012-07-16   Schematic of NEC JC1203DH RGB monitor
Last Updated  Kits
2015-06-18   AM Stereo Decoder
2015-06-18   FM Stereo Transmitter (Mini-mitter)
2015-06-18   Subcarrier Adaptor for FM Tuners
2015-06-18   Add-on Decoder for AM Stereo
2015-06-26   Playmaster AM/FM Stereo Tuner
2019-06-25   Stereo AM Systems
Last Updated  Consumer Items
2015-07-23   Manual for General Electric Model 500M Washing Machine
2015-06-26   Manual for Sanyo M2541 Portable Cassette Player
2015-07-22   Manual for Sanyo DC-X801 and TP-X801 Stereo Sound System
2015-07-22   Manual for Sony MDR-IF130K Cordless Headphone
2015-07-22   Manual for GVA HGG6860PF Television
2015-07-02   Manual for Kenwood CD403, CD404, CD406, DPF-R3030, DPF-R4030, DPF-R6030
2015-06-26   Manual for Dick Smith Southern Cross Stereo Tuner
2015-09-18   Manual for Dick Smith Solar and Dynamo Rechargeable AM/FM Radio
2015-06-26   Manual for Arlec rechargeable Supertorch
2015-06-26   Manual for Philishave HP1131 Electric Shaver
2012-07-16   Manual for Realistic AM/FM Pocket Portable Radio (12-609)
2012-07-16   Manual for Realistic AM/FM Pocket Portable Radio (12-634A)
2012-07-16   Manual for Realistic AM/FM Integrated Circuit Radio (12-715)
2015-07-22   Manual for Realistic SCT-20 Stereo Cassette Deck (14-610)
2015-07-16   Manual for Realistic SCT-14 Stereo Cassette Deck (14-848)
2016-03-14   Manual for Archer TV Antenna (15-9724)
2012-07-16   Manual for Micronta Transistor Tester (22-024)
2012-07-16   Schematic of Micronta LCD Benchtop Digital Multimeter (22-195A)
2015-07-22   Manual for Micronta 50,000 Ohms/Volt Multitester (22-204A)
2012-07-16   Schematic of Science Fair Globe Patrol kit (28-205)
2012-07-24   Schematic of Realistic TM-150 AM/FM Tuner (31-1956)
2015-07-16   Manual for Realistic Stereo Frequency Equalizer (31-1987)
2015-07-22   Manual for Realistic SA-800 Solid State 24 Watt Stereo Amplifier (31-9020)
2015-07-22   Manual for Nova-10 Stereo Headphones (33-1012B)
2012-07-16   Manual for Realistic Tape Control Center (42-2105)
2015-07-16   Manual for Realistic Solid State Intercom (43-209B)
2015-07-22   Manual for Archer 2-station transistor intercom (43-221)
2012-07-16   Schematic of Radio Shack Duophone TAD-210 Telephone Answering System (43-309A)
2015-07-22   Manual for Micronta Dual Alarm Digital LED Calendar Clock (63-776)
2012-07-16   Schematic of Stereo AM/FM Car Radio used in some Holden Commodore cars
2012-07-16   Schematic of JVC RS-33A AM/FM Radio and Stereo Amplifier
2012-07-16   Schematic of Philips EL3576 Tape Recorder
2017-08-23   User Manual of National RQ702 Tape Recorder
2012-07-16   Schematic of Teac CX-310/CX-311 Stereo Cassette Deck
2015-07-16   Manual for Thorn 1205 Portable AM/FM Radio and Cassette Recorder
2012-07-16   Partial schematic of Akai VS2 Video Cassette Recorder
2019-04-10   Manual for Akai VS-606EA Video Cassette Recorder
2014-11-25   Manual for Solar Powered Alarm Desktop Clock with Projector
2014-11-25   Manual for ModernLiving 2000W Fan Heater Model TFH91T
2014-11-26   Manual for Audiosonic HDT909
2014-11-26   Manual for Husqvarna Electric Lawn Mower
2014-11-26   Manual for Panasonic NV-HD100A
2014-12-02   Manual for NEC VN23
2014-12-03   Manual for Strong SRT5000
2016-02-04   Manual for Laser STB-6000
2015-01-12   Manual for Digitech autoranging multimeter
2016-03-14   Manual for Conia Microwave Oven WP-750A
2016-03-14   Manual for Westinghouse Refridgerator WTB2300, WTB2500, WTB2800, WTB3400, WTB3700
2016-03-15   Manual for Tisira Refridgerator TS65LN
2016-03-14   Manual for GE Vacuum Cleaner VB22, VB30, VB31
2016-03-15   Manual for Homemaker (K-Mart) Vacuum Cleaner CJ105
2016-03-15   Manual for Domino Mattress
2016-03-15   Manual for Vulcan Everhot Hot Water Heater
2016-03-23   Manual for Vulcan Hot Water Heater
2016-03-15   Manual for Novelli Centino Toilet Cistern
2016-03-24   Manual for Simpson Washing Machine 450, 540, 541, 550, 551, 552, 650, 740, 741, 750, 751, 752
2016-05-06   Manual for Nelson Security Floodlight
2017-09-24   Manual for Clipsal Lifesaver Smoke Alarm
2018-08-04   Operation Manual for J.I.L. SX200 Scanner
2018-08-04   Memory Expansion for J.I.L. SX200 Scanner
2018-08-04   Service Manual for J.I.L. SX200 Scanner
2022-08-02   User Manual for Sanyo CA21XS2/CP21XS2 TV
2022-08-02   User Manual for Sharp VC-A410X/VC-H610X VCR
Last Updated  Pinouts and datasheets
2012-07-16   IC Timers: 322, 555, 556, 2240, 2905, 3905
2012-07-16   Datasheet of SN76495 Complex Sound Generator
2012-07-16   Datasheet of SP0256-AL2 Voice Synthesizer
2014-11-20   Datasheet of CTS256-AL2 Code-to-Speech Processor
2012-07-16   Datasheet of 9400 Voltage/Frequency converter
2012-07-16   Datasheet of AY-3-1015D Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
2012-07-16   Datasheet of ICM7201 Low Battery Voltage Indicator
2012-07-16   Circuit of a stereo FM transmitter utilising the BA1404
2012-07-16   Pinout of the uPD1710G-016 Display driver for stereo radios
2012-07-16   Pinouts of various parts (LM1800, 5082 LED, MC1350, MOC5010 and others)
Last Updated  Random Stuff
2012-05-21   Repairing a Bazooka TTL arcade game
2015-03-26   Repairing a Hankin Howzat pinball machine
2015-02-25   Before they were called hackers
2015-02-25   How to make dinosaurs extinct
2017-02-07   I2C primer
2012-06-18   Research into creating a modern steam locomotive
2012-05-21   The Story of George Westinghouse
2020-02-02   The Story of Alan Blumlein
2012-07-05   The Story of Nikola Tesla
2015-03-03   Nikola Tesla: Genius or Crackpot?
2015-03-20   Tesla Updates, and Other Oddities
2015-06-26   Television Video Info Card

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