Here are various manuals scanned from my paper archive.

Last Updated  Description
2014-12-18   Simple novice transmitter for the 3.5MHz amateur band
2014-12-18   Upgrading the Tucker Tin SSB transmitter
2012-07-24   Schematic of Icom IC726 Transceiver
2012-07-24   Schematic of Icom IC730 Transceiver
2012-07-24   Schematic of Icom IC735 Transceiver
2017-11-25   Notes for Icom IC735 Transceiver
2012-09-02   Schematic of Icom IC-R7000 Receiver
2015-10-01   Welz SP-600 SWR & Power meter
2015-09-18   RMS International CN-220 SWR & Power meter
2015-10-01   Tokyo Hy-Power HL-82V 2m Linear
2012-08-15   Schematic of Kenwood TR751/TR851 Transceiver
2012-08-19   Schematic of Kenwood TS140 Transceiver
2012-08-15   Schematic of Kenwood TS670 Transceiver
2015-09-19   Kenwood DG5 Digital Display
2015-09-19   Kenwood MC-60 Microphone
2015-09-19   Kenwood SP-930 External Speaker
2015-09-19   Kenwood VFO-230 External VFO
2015-10-01   Kenwood TR-9000 2m Transceiver
2015-10-01   Kenwood TS-120S HF Transceiver
2015-09-19   Yaesu FC-301 Antenna Tuner
2012-07-24   Yaesu FC-757AT Antenna Tuner
2012-08-15   Yaesu FP-700 Power Supply
2012-07-30   Yaesu FT-7 Transceiver
2012-08-15   Yaesu FT-77 Transceiver
2012-07-30   Yaesu FT-101E Transceiver
2015-09-24   Yaesu FT-227RB 2m Transceiver
2017-12-02   Yaesu FT-707 Transceiver
2017-12-02   Yaesu FTDX560 Transceiver
2017-11-25   Notes for Yaesu FTDX560 Transceiver
2015-10-01   Learn Morse Code

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