This area contains handy info on how to use the emulated systems within MAME.
Currently, many pages are plain text, scraped from the source files. Eventually, they will be improved upon, with instructions on how to start and run each machine. There won't be history or company information, as this is easily found elsewhere. In some cases, we may include some manuals, links and software.

APF Mathemagician
Coleco Amaze-a-tron
Coleco Total Control 4
Epoch Dracula
Hanimex Pencil II
Ideal Electronic Detective
Milton Bradley Comp IV
Milton Bradley Microvision
Milton Bradley Simon
Parker Brothers Code Name: Sector
Parker Brothers Merlin
Parker Brothers Stop Thief
Parker Brothers Wildfire
Tandy 12 Computerized Arcade
Tomy Alien Chase
Tomy Tennis
Super A'can
SWTPC 6800
SWTPC 6809

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